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About Course

Upon successful completion of the course, the learner should be able to;

  1. Outline watermelon varieties in Kenya
  2. Know the methods of planting watermelon
  3. Understand harvesting process of watermelon
  4. Identify marketing strategies for watermelon

Course Content

General Overview of Watermelon Farming
a) General overview of watermelon farming b) Watermelon farming in Kenya • Health benefits of watermelon c)Watermelon varieties in Kenya • Factors to consider before venturing into watermelon farming • Optimal/ ecological requirements  Climate requirements for watermelon farming in Kenya  Soil requirements for watermelon  Growing watermelons from seed  Growing watermelons from non-grafted seedlings in watermelon  Growing watermelons from grafted seedlings  Watermelon water requirements and irrigation systems  Manures and fertilizers

  • General Overview of Watermelon Farming
  • QUIZ

Watermelon Plant Growth and Management Process
a) Watermelon planting b) Watermelon fertilizer recommendation c)Watermelon planting and spacing • Land preparation, planting in watermelon • Intercultural operations in watermelon • Topdressing in watermelon • Mulching watermelon vines • Propagation of watermelon • Weeding • Pinching pollination

Pests and Diseases intervention in watermelon Farming
a) Pests, diseases and physiological conditions affecting watermelons in Kenya • the physiological disorders in watermelon are as follows • watermelon spraying guide

Pre-Harvest, Harvest and Post Handling in Watermelon
a) Harvesting of watermelon in Kenya • Post-harvest handling • Storage and packing • Cost circulations for profitability

Marketing and Profitability in Watermelon Farming
a) Marketing of watermelon • Sorting and grading • Value-added products


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