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overview of pawpaw farming
a) Overview of pawpaw farming • Uses and benefits of pawpaw • Foods • Papain and pectin • Traditional medicine • Other industrial uses b) Pawpaw plant • Growing requirements • Pawpaw varieties

  • Overview of pawpaw farming
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Growing of pawpaw plant step by step
a) Growing pawpaw plant step by step • Seedling propagation • The pawpaw crop management practices that must be observed are b) Harvesting of pawpaw fruits • When to harvest • How to remove fruits from the trees

Disease and pest control in pawpaw
a) disease and pest control • pest • mites • red scale • other insects b) Major pawpaw diseases • Pawpaw ring spot virus (PRSV) and pawpaw leaf distortion mosaic virus (PLDMV) • Damping off • Phytophthora fruit rot • Powdery mildew • Anthracnose • Black spot • Root rot • Collar rot, foot rot • Stem-end rot (ascrochyts sp.and other fungi) • Rhizopus fruit rot • Black rot (erwinia cypripedii) • Boron deficiency • Nematode diseases c)Nutritional deficiencies of papaya • Nitrogen • Phosphorus • Potassium • Magnesium • Sulphur • Boron

Harvesting and post harvest handling of pawpaw fruits
a) Characteristics of papaya fruit that impact on post-harvest life • Papayas are prone to decay • Papayas are prone to injury • Papayas lose water b) Harvest management practices • Maturity indices • Time of harvest • Method of harvest • Harvest management practices • Post-harvest handling operations • Post-harvest disease control • How to regulate pawpaw fruits ripening • Packaging • Transport

Pawpaw marketing and profitability
a) Agribusiness • Processed products • Pawpaw varieties • Climatic conditions • Propagation • Nutritional value b) Economic value • Capital requirement • returns

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