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About Course

By the end of this course the learner should be able to:

  1. Understand technical hydroponics terms
  2. Identify different types of hydronics systems
  3. Understand how to Plant Grow under hydroponics systems
  4. Identify Diseases and weed management in Hydroponics
  5. Comprehend Challenges in Hydroponic farming system

Course Content

Introduction to hydroponics
a) General overview b) General hydroponic terms c) Why go for hydroponics d) Basic components of hydroponics e) Challenges of Hydroponics

  • Introduction to hydroponics
  • QUIZ

Types of hydroponics
a) Types of hydronics • Wicking systems • Deep water culture ( DWC) • Nutrient Film technique (NFT) • Ebb and flow

Plants grown in hydroponics
a) Typical plants are grown in hydroponics • Lettuce in hydroponics • Spinach in hydroponics • Strawberries in hydroponics • Bell peppers in hydroponics • Herbs in hydroponics b) Nutrients in hydroponics c) What do plants you need to grow • Basic nutrients • Macro nutrients d) Selecting and preparing nutrient solutions

IPM in hydroponics
a) Diseases and weed management in Hydroponics b) Intergrated Pest Management measures in hydroponics M1.0 Integrated pest management measures in hydroponics 2


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