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By successful completion of this course, the learner should be able to;

a) Describe bee keeping, honey, bee wax, propolis, honey bees, what bees do and who lives in the bee hive.

b) Explain important bee behavior a beekeeper should know

c) Know how to market bee products

d) Understand the profits and costs in bee keeping enterprise

Course Content

General Overview of Bee keeping
a) Overview of bee keeping b) The bees themselves • Honey bees • What is bee keeping? • What do bees do? • What is honey? • What is bee wax? • What is propolis? • Who lives in the bee hive?

  • General Overview of Bee keeping
  • Quiz

How to establish,management and harvesting in are bee keeping farm
a) Getting Started-Basics • Apiary • Bee house • Important bee behavior a bee keeper should know • Specialized strategies in honey bees • Bee keeping equipment • Major nectar bearing plants in Kenya b) Pests and diseases and their control

Marketing and profitability of Bee farming
a) The market for bee products b) What is a market? c)The supply system for bee products • Buyers’ business sectors request is affected by; • Purchaser markets supply is affected by; d)The bee products • Honey Honey in Kenya is sold in the following grades • Chunk honey • Bees wax • Propolis • Royal jelly • Pollen e) Honey packaging and labelling f) Where to sell the honey? g) Bee keeping enterprise costs and profits • A commercial bee keeping business plan • Establishing a market strategy  Advantages of a commercial bee keeping business marketing plan • How much do bee keepers make? • Bee keeping as a job • Types of income. • Cost • Keeping records.


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