To be a practical knowledge-based platform of global repute in agribusiness.


To nurture excellence in agribusiness through research based skills development and promotion of agro-innovations.

Why ASA?

Are you a domestic worker?

ASA provides opportunities for the employees under this category to gain more skills and become more employable while increasing their productivity which is a direct benefit to both the employer and employee. Eg: skills in kitchen gardening and basic book keeping

Are you a financial services provider or in need of financing?.

We provide a platform forĀ  access at a users convenience with information that enhances financial literacy that not only improves agribusiness management practices for profitability but also credit management

Are you a farmer?

ASA provides practical knowledge and skills that embrace modern agricultural practices for increased efficiency, productivity and profitability while ensuring food safety and environmental concerns are addressed and how to market and meet consumer demands.

Are you a leader of a Co-operative or any entreprise group?.

Courses related to governance and financial management that equip leaders with more financial and people management skills bringing about increased efficiency in achievement of collective goals.

Thirsting for an enterprise idea?.

The well researched and simplified courses will equip you with the basic knowledge and skills you require to run any enterprise of your choice successfully.

Are you an entreprise supervisor or owner?

ASA provides you with an opportunity to acquire more skills in financial management, farm management and related skills that enhance your capacity to be more productive.

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